With Elias' VPN, you can browse the internet safely and defeat censorship.

Elias Ong VPN
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Virtual Private Networks (aka VPNs)

When you browse the web or use apps that use the internet (such as Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit) your identity is exposed and your activity can be logged, blocked, or even manipulated. And you’re at even more risk when connected to open WiFi. The solution… use a VPN, it encrypts the data coming out of your device so that nobody knows what you’re doing. You become anonymous on the internet. Now that hacker across the room, your employer, or even your ISP doesn’t know what you’re doing. Likewise, your internet can no longer be blocked by them, all they see is a scramble of random data.


Unlimited Data Transfer*

We don’t cap how much data you can transfer on the VPN. Even if you’re on the free tier you can use the VPN as much as you want.

Netflix over VPN

If you’re a premium user, you’ll have access to our Oregon and Vancouver VPN servers where Netflix is not blocked. So now you can binge on that US Netflix, from anywhere around the world.

Browse the Internet Safely

Using Elias Ong VPN means that your connection to the internet is fully encrypted and secure. That means that you won’t need to worry about that suspicious looking person across the room. 

Anonymize Yourself

When you connect to the internet using Elias Ong VPN, all your traffic is sent through Elias Ong VPN servers. Websites you access don’t know your IP and don’t know where you are, all they see is the IP address of the VPN server. In addition, Elias Ong VPN does not log its VPN connections and anonymizes all DNS logs (so we don’t know who visited what).

Access Geo-Restricted Content

If you’re using our Oregon or Seattle servers to connect to the internet, websites see that you’re connecting from the respective locations of the servers. Therefore,  you will be able to access content only available to people in the US, from anywhere in the world.

Defeat Censorship**

As a byproduct of the VPN’s inherent nature of encrypting all your internet traffic, filters imposed by local government, internet service providers, and workplaces cannot filter the traffic being sent over the VPN. Hence, using Elias’ VPN service will circumvent censorship. 


Inherent to the anonymity that a VPN provides, using Elias’ VPN will insure that when connected through the VPN, your chances of being attacked at your real IP address will be reduced. In addition, Elias’ VPN servers are tolerant of DDOS attacks as traffic is being protected by a third party DDOS mitigation service which scrubs the traffic before it reaches our servers and drops the DDOS traffic. This can insure that when connected to a Elias’ VPN server, that you’ll stay connected through the VPN, even when the VPN server is under an attempted DDOS attack.

No Throttling

All Elias’ VPN servers do not throttle or deprioritize traffic. All our servers are agnostic to all traffic. In addition, when connected to Elias’ VPN, your ISP, company, school, hotel, or cafe cannot throttle certain types of traffic because all your traffic will be sent through a virtual “encrypted tunnel”. So surf away and stream video without any slowdowns. 

Faster Connections****

Premium tier users can connect to the internet faster than their connection allows. Elias’ VPN’s premium tier VPN servers employ real-time LZO compression to speed up your connection. In addition, premium tier uses have access to VPN over UDP which is a more efficient protocol for transmitting large amounts of data versus TCP. Our premium VPN servers also have best in class internet access, with ISP(s) with better global peering. This results with lower latency connections to far away servers and less internet congestion during peak hours. 

* Mostly Unlimited. If a user consumes too much bandwidth and excessive consumption of bandwidth is deemed to degrade the usability of the VPN for other users, Elias’ VPN reserves the right to block the offending IP addresses from the VPN.

** Although the use of Elias’ VPN can evade censorship compared to without, we do employ basic content filtering on our VPN service. Our content filtering does not log who accessed what and we only log DNS queries for a short amount of time (15-day retention) (again, these logs are completely anonymized).

*** Anti-DDOS protection covers DDOS attacks up to 20gbps in size. DDOS attacks exceeding this throughput may affect the usability of the VPN. However, no matter how large the DDOS attack, your chances of being attacked at your real IP still stands to be significantly reduced by using Elias’ VPN. 

**** The claimed faster connections require a UDP connection to the premium VPN server. Depending on type of traffic, compression may not accelerate the connection. Lower latencies are not guaranteed nor is the reduction of congestion. Remember, the connection between you and the VPN server can still be a bottleneck. In our speed tests, LZO compression and UDP results with an performance increase around 3-6 times however your results may vary. If your internet connection is already really fast, compression may not help at all.