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Free VPN

Elias Ong VPN provides a completely free, no strings attached VPN service. We have no plans to stop providing this VPN. However, because this is a free service, we do not guarantee the usability and quality of the service and support is given on a as-needed basis. Likewise, we do not guarantee that we will fix issues regarding the VPN service. However, we will do our best effort to support users of the free VPN service.

Note: Due to the fact that the free VPN (aka Vancouver_Free_VPN) uses a shared certificate and profile, it is not recommended to perform sensitive tasks (such as online banking) on it. If you want to have a more secure connection, the Premium VPN service is almost finished and will supply every subscriber a unique and independent VPN profile and encryption key.

Note 2: A number of websites may be blocked on this VPN because they do not comply with our internet use policies. Here is a list of the blocked categories: Adware, Nudity, Pornography, Proxies/Anonymizers, Sexuality, Tasteless, Phishing. In addition sites that host Malware are blocked. If you find this list too excessive, the upcoming Premium VPN will have no websites blocked (but you can optionally block Malicious sites). Even though we block certain categories of sites, we do not log who accesses what on the VPN and all logs are anonymized. You can read more about our privacy and security practices here.

Note 3: The following steps may not apply to users of the Premium VPN service. 

Here are the steps to get yourself connected to the free VPN:

On iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)

  1. Go to the App Store
  2. Search for “OpenVPN Connect”. Then download and install the app.
  3. Open the .ovpn configuration file from this link in Safari.
  4. Tap “Open in ‘OpenVPN’”
  5. Tap the ‘plus’ icon
  6. Tap the toggle, in a few moments, the status should say “Connected”
  7. Thats it!

On Android

  1. Go to the Google Play Store
  2. Search for “OpenVPN Connect”. Then download and install the app.
  3. Open the following link in a web browser. It should download automatically into your downloads folder.
  4. Open the “OpenVPN Connect” app
  5. Tap the menu icon
  6. Tap Import
  7. Tap “Import Profile from SD Card”
  8. Browse to your downloads folder, find the file named “Vancouver_Free_VPN.ovpn” and tap the file, then tap select.
  9. Tap “Connect” and in a few moments you should see an “attention” dialog.
  10. Tap “I trust this application” then Tap “OK”
  11. In a few moments you should see the status change to “Connected”
  12. Thats it!

On Windows (Vista and later)

  1. Download OpenVPN GUI here: 64-bit version | 32-bit version
  2. Open and install the software.
  3. Open Windows Explorer
  4. Navigate to Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > OpenVPN > config (leave this window open)
  5. Download the following file: Link
  6. Copy the file from your downloads folder into the “config” folder you left open earlier
  7. Open the OpenVPN GUI application
  8. In the tray, right click its respective icon and hover over the VPN profile named “Vancouver_Free_VPN”
  9. Click “Connect”
  10. In a few moments a dialog box may pop up and show that its connecting to the VPN server
  11. You may now get a notification or pop up saying that you are now connected.
  12. Close and reopen whatever browser windows are open.
  13. Thats it!

On OS X / MacOS

  1. Download Tunnelblick for MacOS here
  2. Open the file. A window should pop up asking you to “double-click to begin”
  3. Double click the icon and there should a prompt to enter administrator credentials to install the Tunnelblick client onto your computer. Enter the username and password for an administrator account of the computer.
  4. Download the following file: Link
  5. Open the file. This should automatically open the file in Tunnelblick.
  6. When the dialog appears choose whether you want the VPN profile available to only the account you’re using or to all accounts on the computer.
  7. Click on the Tunnelblick icon on the top menu bar and click on “Connect Vancouver_Free_VPN”
  8. You should be connected to the VPN.


  1. Vancouver Free VPN –
  2. OpenVPN GUI 32-bit –
  3. OpenVPN GUI 64-bit –
  4. Tunnelblick OpenVPN client for MacOS / OS X –


On Windows and MacOS / OS X, another option for VPN client is Viscosity, however it costs $9 per computer or $14 for a license that works on both Windows and Mac. If Tunnelblick or OpenVPN GUI does not work properly for you, I would highly recommend trying Viscosity out. It also will have more features than Tunnelblick or OpenVPN GUI if you connect to other VPN servers. 


Before using, installing or connecting to Elias Ong VPN you must accept the following Terms of Service Agreement.

By using our internet service (i.e. VPN), you hereby expressly acknowledge and agree that there are significant security, privacy and confidentiality risks inherent in accessing or transmitting information through the internet, whether the connection is facilitated through wired, wireless, or virtual technology. Security issues include, without limitation, interception of transmissions, loss of data, and the introduction or viruses and other programs that can corrupt or damage your computer.

Accordingly, you agree that the owner and/or provider of this network is NOT liable for any interception or transmissions, computer worms or viruses, loss of data, file corruption, hacking or damage to your computer or other devices that result from the transmission or download of information or materials through the internet service provided.

Furthermore, you agree and authorize the owner of this network the ability to filter, intercept, record, and block data sent and received through this network.

You agree to NOT to (1) access inappropriate and/or offensive content on the internet. (2) Violate any Canadian internet laws. (3) Illegally obtain and download music, movies, TV shows, software, or any other form of protected content. (4) Hack or distribute malware including, but not limited to, trojan horses, viruses, and botnets. (5) Intercept data on the network intended for others. (6) Attempt to use any methods to bypass filtering imposed on this network, that includes, but is not limited to, the use of additional VPN(s) and/or Proxies. The above are examples of unacceptable uses and do not comprise of all unacceptable uses.

If abnormal, illegal, or unauthorized behaviour is detected, including heavy consumption of bandwidth, the network provider reserves the right to permanently disconnect the offending device.